Aerobics, Tai-Chi, Yoga and Pilates to music in Bracknell


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are your classes?
A: Please see the home page which is updated with all the latest class times

Q: Can I do these classes whilst pregnant?
A: Yes both can be adapted for pregnancy, the tai chi, yoga and pilates mix is particularly suitable as it has no impact. There are benefits from regular exercise in pregnancy, as long as you have no contraindications or have been advised against exercising by your doctor. Both classes are suitable post pregnancy either after a 6 week standard check up or 8-10 week post caesarean check up has been passed.

When you arrive in class, please let me know you are pregnant or are returning after pregnancy, so that I can assist you as necessary

In general, please be sure to seek medical clearance from your doctor or midwife before starting any fitness regime when pregnant. Some health conditions can make any exercise during pregnancy unsafe or uncomfortable.

Q: What should I wear to come to these classes?
A: You can wear whatever is comfortable for you. Either a loose T shirt and shorts/ tracksuit trousers or lycra gym wear are ideal. For Aerobics/hips, bums and tums you will need trainers. For yoga, tai chi & pilates you don't even need trainers - we do it in bare feet.

please bring a drink and a towel/mat. For Yoga, a mat is more useful - I have a couple that people can borrow if necessary.