Aerobics, Tai-Chi, Yoga and Pilates to music in Bracknell


yoga1Tai-Chi / Yoga / Pilates

 Class Structure

A dynamic, move-to-music class that aim to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. We combine the older disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi, with popular new methods such as Pilates.

By controlling breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches and poses we have a  workout for the body and the mind, bringing about a state of harmony and balance. We want you to get lost in the beautiful music and the variety of moves and poses.

A Typical Class

The class is 55 minutes long.

We start with a gentle warm up designed to relax you and get you in a calm and focussed frame of mind.

We follow with a series of sequences designed to stretch and strengthen key muscle groups including the well known Sun Salutations sequences from Yoga.

Poses and stretches are also used to aid and increase suppleness and flexibility.

In the final 10 minutes we finish as a traditional yoga class with a meditation/relaxation section. There are widely acknowledged mental and physiological benefits to meditation/relaxation and it is also said to enhance the effects of the exercise.

How Soon Will I Notice The Results?

It usually takes two or three classes to get to grips with the feel of the class. To begin with you might also feel a little muscle soreness but this will be replaced with a gradual improvement in strength, flexibility and posture.

From the very first class you should start to experience the stress-reducing benefits of the class.

Adaptations for Pregnancy/injury

please let me know you are pregnant or injured so that I can assist you as necessary and give you my hand out of specific adaptations.

In general, please be sure to seek medical clearance from your doctor or midwife before starting any fitness regime when pregnant. This class is gentle and low impact but some health conditions can make any exercise during pregnancy unsafe or uncomfortable.

During class be aware of your body and your baby, take your own time - don't feel the need to keep up with the rest of the group. Don't over stretch or strain yourself to get into a pose/position. Always stop if you feel unwell or uncomfortable in a particular position.

Background information

This class is based on these three powerful arts


Literally translates as 'supreme ultimate fist' and the oldest documented form is from the Chen family in 1820s China. It has however developed over generations to fall into the 'soft' arts class of Chinese arts, and is widely promoted for its health benefits, and is now known for its fluid movements and the state of mental calm and clarity they can instil in the practitioner. This is what we try and bring into this class.


This is an ancient art born from the Indian Hindu churches of 800-500 B.C. It has many meanings such as  "joining", "uniting", "union", "conjunction", and "means". There are many many disciplines that are born of this and this class draws from a mix of them. The essence is to create a meditative state through use of the body, and as a technique of controlling the body and the mind.


 This is a physical fitness system developed and named after Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. The philosophy is all about using the mind to control the body, and teaches awareness of breath and posture, with the aim of strengthening the body's core muscles. It demands intense focus to deliver the precise controlled movements.