Aerobics, Tai-Chi, Yoga and Pilates to music in Bracknell


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Aerobics/Hips, Bums & Tums

This a a class designed to improve all aspects of fitness; flexibility, cardio-vascular performance & strength. It is a good calorie burner that can also deliver improvement to your endurance. We use plenty of sing-along songs to create great atmosphere and to get those energy levels up. We aim for a workout that's full of fun and leaves you on a high.

We start with a 5 minute warm up track designed to warm up muscles and get us moving safely.

The rest of the first half of the class is carefully choreographed to raise your heart rate and burn calories with a range of options for each move so that the class is suitable for all abilities. You can have no impact at all or go high impact for maximum effect! We incorporate plyometric training, agility work and interval training in this section.

the second half of the class works on toning the hips, bums and tums areas with exercises such as squats, lunges and crunches.

We finish with a cool down track to stretch out tired muscles.

How fit do I need to be?

This class is suitable for everyone with moderate fitness levels. The moves are simple and repetitive and don’t demand too much coordination. we're a friendly group - give us a try!

Adaptations for Pregnancy/Injury

please let me know you are pregnant/injured so that I can assist you as necessary.

In general, please be sure to seek medical clearance from your doctor or midwife before starting any fitness regime when pregnant. This class can be adapted to be low impact but some health conditions can make any exercise during pregnancy unsafe or uncomfortable.

During class be aware of your body and your baby, take your own time - don't feel the need to keep up with the rest of the group. Don't over stretch or strain yourself, always stop if you feel unwell or uncomfortable in a particular position.